Market construction
Market construction

Market construction; International Construction Products Trade System

In order to provide a suitable strategy for domestic and international construction products in the country, with the combination of modern marketing science and information technology tools, the launch of the first B2B, B2C International Platform has begun in 2014 and now the final version of the following services began Provides
  • Introducing manufacturer and brand to several international languages
  • Introducing Products in Multi -International Languages
  • Multifunctional proprietary page for manufacturer to introduce products
  • Providing digital marketing and artificial intelligence services to observe and develop market
  • Production of specialized content for construction products
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Licenses and approvals:

  • Obtaining an activity license from the Center for International Interactions of the Scientific and Technological Vice-Chancellorship of Hamhouri
  • Obtaining an activity license from the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and the country's computer trade union organization
  • Obtaining the highest technology score (9 TRL) in the Exhibition of Research and Technology Achievements
  • Obtaining the certificate of export capability from the corridor and development of export and technology exchange of the country
  • Establishment of the project in Science and Technology Park and Iran Export Acceleration Center
  • Obtaining the necessary permits to set up the system (E symbol-system)
  • Choosing the project as the country's top export idea in 2020

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Unmediated supply of products for mass construction and construction projects (domestic and international)

Due to its large network of suppliers, the Constrader group is responsible for the supply and procurement of construction projects in the form of the fourth factor.
  • Providing construction products without intermediaries and directly from the manufacturer
  • Reducing the costs of construction projects
  • Increasing sales of construction product manufacturers
  • Increasing the profits of producers by eliminating expensive middlemen in the market
Advertising campaign tools in Constrader:
  • Specialized tools for holding online tenders
  • Information facilities and sending price request forms
  • Analyzing prices and offering the best price to the client for purchase
sakhtbazar certificates
sakhtbazar certificates

International marketing, international branding and gaining share from foreign markets for construction products:

Considering the high potential of manufactured products to be present in international markets, Constrader, in cooperation with export companies in different countries, offers effective solutions to gain foreign market share.
  • Attracting buyers and gaining more share from international markets
  • Get the best results at the lowest cost
  • Reducing transaction risk by checking the foreign buyer
  • Reducing administrative bureaucracies by transferring the experiences of previous interactions
International marketing solutions in Constrader:
  • International branding and marketing by introducing the brand and products in 6 languages
  • Market research in the target countries and how to find a position
  • Introduction of products and brands by expert teams in different countries
  • Connecting to a wide network of construction products trade in different countries
  • Cooperation with the governments of countries to develop and exchange new construction technologies

Acceptance of international trade delegations and B2B, B2C services:

Constrader proposes effective solutions to gain market share in foreign markets in collaboration with official export brokers in various countries.
  • In-person negotiations with foreign traders
  • Visiting factories and presenting the potentials and capabilities of Iranian manufacturers
  • Achieving the best results with the least cost and time in intensive negotiations
  • Reducing administrative bureaucracy by transferring previous interaction experiences
International marketing facilities in market making:
  • Extensive communications with specialized traders of construction products in target countries
  • International B2B experience in holding several successful sessions
  • Collaboration with governmental organizations on the export process and reducing export challenges
sakhtbazar certificates
sakhtbazar certificates

Sending a business delegation and attending exhibitions, holding B2B meetings and introducing the capabilities of Iranian companies

Active presence in international exhibitions and negotiation with new leads is one of the methods that Bazar Bazar provides as one of the international and specialized services.
  • Holding meetings with traders and manufacturers of construction products in different countries
  • Visiting the factory and presenting the potentials and capabilities of Iranian producers
  • The presence of manufacturing companies in specialized exhibitions of construction products
  • Providing expert advice by official export brokers
Possibilities of international marketing in building a market:
  • Obtaining specialized export advice from experts
  • Cooperation and supervision of government bodies on the export process and reduction of export challenges

Specialized digital marketing and online sales training workshops

Considering the importance and major contribution of e-commerce methods, the market construction group organizes training workshops for manufacturers in the specialized field of construction materials.
  • Introducing the potential of e-commerce methods in branding and positioning
  • Introducing digital marketing capabilities to increase sales.
  • Teaching the correct concepts and methods of implementing digital marketing
Possibilities of advertising campaigns in building the market:
  • Specialized experience in implementing digital marketing methods in the construction industry
  • Using prominent professors inside and outside the country
sakhtbazar certificates

Digital marketing is not only an opportunity, it is a necessity

Success in today's competitive markets requires new tools and planning!

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