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What are the Benefits of Selling in Constrader?

Introduction of Brand and Products

Easily introduce your company, brand, and store in several international languages.

Export and Presence in International Markets

Easily introduce your products to foreign buyers and export them.

Participation in Tenders and Online Sales

You can communicate with buyers, take orders, and sell 24/7.

Holding Special Sales

Offer discounts on your products, inform, and increase your sales.

Consultation and Market Analysis

Benefit from the specialized consultation of Constrader experts for success in the market.

Effective and Targeted Advertising

Use Constrader advertising facilities, get more visits, and increase your sales.

Constrader Services at a Glance

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Sell in Constrader

Introduction and Branding in 6 International Languages

Objective: Specialized introduction of manufacturing building materials worldwide in languages: Persian, English, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Turkish (Istanbul)

Digital branding is one of the new and effective methods that most manufacturers have selected as their main marketing strategy for selling building materials.
Introduction and branding facilities in Market Construction for online purchase of construction materials:
  • Introduction to the company's history and background
  • Introduction to certificates, standards, and licenses obtained
  • Introduction of factory dimensions and production capacity along with images and videos of the production line
  • Introduction of influential managers and technical staff in product quality
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Have a 6-language international website!

Objective: Customizable and content-manageable dedicated page

Market Construction, for introducing brand and products in multiple international languages and creating direct and effective communication between manufacturers and buyers, creates a dedicated page for the brand with the following features to enable buyers to easily find out about the prices of construction materials and easily purchase construction materials online.
Features of dedicated website for selling construction materials in Market Construction:
  • Introduction of brand and construction products in multiple international languages
  • Effective and direct communication with buyers inside and outside the country for purchasing construction materials
  • Product updates and company information
  • Effective presence in domestic and foreign markets
  • Professional SEO (High impact on Google search)
  • High website integrity
  • Content management, inventory, and construction material price management panel
  • No need for specialists and high costs of website design and maintenance
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Introduction and marketing of construction products in 6 international languages

Objective: Using the latest digital marketing technologies in selling construction materials

Market Construction, through specialized examination of construction products, introduces them to domestic and international buyers by providing technical specifications, images, videos, and transferring other consumers' experiences in multiple international languages for selling construction materials.
In order to attract buyers for purchasing construction materials from various channels including internet search engines, the top SEO technologies have been used in designing and implementing this platform.
Features and tools for introducing construction products in Market Construction:
  • Product submission panel in the system and the ability to manage its content
  • Translation of products into several international languages (English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Persian, and Turkish (Istanbul))
  • Production of specialized content for products by the Market Construction content team
  • Professional SEO (High impact on Google search)
  • Providing graphic and industrial photography services for products
  • Various tools for product introduction and advertising (slider, priority display, digital marketing, social networks)
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Price management with different currencies

Objective: Offering and updating online prices of construction materials to domestic and international buyers

Market Construction has provided the ability to manage price changes for construction materials online for suppliers by creating facilities for changing the prices of construction materials.
Features of construction material price management panel:
  • Changing prices of construction products through web panel and mobile application
  • Determining MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for the price of each product
  • Ability to insert different prices for domestic and international markets
  • Automatic conversion of prices and display with international currencies
  • Setting expiration date for product prices
  • Determining warehouse locations and delivery locations for buyers
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Informing about special sales of construction materials

Objective: Attracting buyers by holding online festivals for selling construction materials

Online festivals for selling construction materials are among the methods that suppliers can use to increase sales of their products in Market Construction.
Features of informing about special online sales of construction materials in Market Construction:
  • Using sliders on the homepage and social media networks
  • Using special sale display signs to attract buyer attention
  • Priority display in product categories and search section
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Participation in domestic and international tenders

Objective: Participation in domestic and international tenders and price proposal

Information and participation in tenders, as well as communication with project procurement managers and key officials, is one of the most cost and time-consuming challenges for manufacturers of construction materials.
Market Construction facilities for participating in domestic and international tenders:
  • Participation in thousands of domestic and international tenders created by buyers
  • Advanced tools for price bidding for inquiries and tenders
  • Receiving inquiries and tenders through user panel
  • Receiving inquiries and tenders through user panel
  • Notification of tenders and inquiries via email, SMS, and notification
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Market and customer monitoring and analysis

Objective: Market data analysis to improve sales strategies

Observing, collecting, and analyzing the purchasing behavior of customers and predicting their buying behavior can be the key to many challenges for planning and success in the market. Market Construction aims to provide suppliers with the following facilities for collecting and analyzing customer behavior at different time intervals and predicting customer buying behavior in future markets:
Market Construction features for monitoring customers and markets:
  • Collecting statistics and information on customer consumption, needs, and preferences
  • Using artificial intelligence to predict future needs of buyers
  • Viewing statistics of visits to construction products at different time intervals
  • Intelligent user experience system (collecting and analyzing consumer feedback)
  • Experienced and specialized market research team (domestic and international)
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Specialized SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Objective: Specialized services to increase visibility in search engines

Search engines are one of the main channels for directing buyers to products and sellers so that they can get information about online prices of construction materials and make purchases. Therefore, it is necessary to perform SEO well for the success of digital marketing strategies.
Content generation features in Market Construction to facilitate buyers in online purchase of construction materials:
  • Specialized tools for keyword investigation, analysis, and suggestion
  • Experienced team with a history of producing thousands of SEO-friendly construction materials content
  • Comprehensive database of construction products for better SEO results
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