Market construction
Market construction
Market construction
International Pavilions

One of the most effective ways to position in the international market is to attend international exhibitions where many manufacturers of construction products in the world spend a lot of money.  The advantages of attending such exhibitions include the following:


- Introducing capabilities and products on a large and international level

- Establishing direct communication with customers and recognizing their needs

- Knowing competitors and getting acquainted with their services, products and programs

 - Opportunity to attract investors and develop the activities of their industrial unit

 - Liaison with raw material suppliers and industrial service providers

 - Understanding the general market conditions and the possibility of planning based on it

 - Interacting with partner companies for outsourcing and contracting

- Updating technical knowledge and getting acquainted with the new achievements of the industry

 - Opportunity to find talent and attract new graduates and professionals

 - Numerous advertising opportunities (print, internet, environmental, television, etc.)

- Participate in international business meetings with invited foreign delegations

 - Carrying out trade negotiations and concluding various domestic and foreign contracts


Due to the large number of construction industry exhibitions in the world, attending all or even the most important of them requires a very high cost and time and in many cases it is impossible and the golden opportunities to attend these exhibitions for companies are lost.

The Constrader team, with the idea of attending various international exhibitions, offers a cheap and effective solution for manufacturers so that they can have all the benefits of attending an international exhibition at great expense. In this solution, sales and technical experts of Constrader  participate in the exhibitions on behalf of the producers and provide the above services.