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inverter ST-300 varnatec


If you are planning to use a high power inverter with suitable dimensions and weight for welding, this product will be a good choice. The maximum current of this inverter is 300 amps. Features of this product include volume flow, arc force and hot start.
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inverter ST-300 varnatec

This product is also equipped with a digital display and has two switches and an outlet. This product is equipped with IGBT technology, which has advantages such as high input impedance and low voltage drop and low losses. This inverter weighs 11.4 kg and its dimensions are 32 × 16.5 × 41.5 cm. Cable and welding pliers are also supplied with this inverter.

Product Specifications

Maximum output current (A)
Isolated output and input
has it
Output for earth
has it
Dimensions (mm)
320 × 165 × 415
Weight (kg)
Short circuit protection
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