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Emergency Light
An emergency exit light EMS-04 Ojan Electronic

An emergency exit light EMS-04 Ojan Electronic

Ojan Electronic

Material of the body: metal
Minimum exposure time: 15 hours
View distance: 120 m
Lighting Source: LED SMD
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An emergency exit light EMS-04 Ojan Electronic

emergency exit light including safety equipment and Lights Emergency is & zwnj; it is essential to install the & zwnj; it is essential in most commercial, office, hospital, and so on. Emergency exit lights are designed and used to help safe out of the building in critical situations. The EMS-04S with a Plexiglas Display has one-way visibility and can be mounted on the wall and ceiling and the EMS-04D with a double-sided and mounted wall and ceiling is & zwnj; These products have the ability to design a mark on the customer's liking at no additional cost.

Notable Features and Specifications of Emergency Lights: & nbsp;

  • with a long-lasting battery and about 10 years
  • Minimum exposure time of 15 hours
  • short and fast charging time about 4 hours
  • with external fuse to protect battery
  • Fire-resistant metal body and mechanical stress
  • 120 m
  • vision interval
  • LED SMD lighting source with the latest technology and highest efficiency

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