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Photocele 16 Amps Fixed TWS-16 Ojan Electronic

Ojan Electronic

Has a resistant body
Has IP53
Create a 39 -second delay
16 ampere
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Photocele 16 Amps Fixed TWS-16 Ojan Electronic

to save energy, control Electronic Equipment and the & zwnj; This very important and functional & zwnj device has the task of automatic lighting of the lamp & zwnj at sunset and turning it off at sunrise. Due to the unique design of PhotoSel , the light intensity circuit is disconnected and connected and does not change with factors such as input voltage and temperature change. In the Photocell's 16 Amp body, of the resistant material & nbsp; The high life of the photocell against environmental factors is & zwnj; To buy Photocell 16 Amps Fixed & Zwnj; you can first get the price inquiry and then buy from your desired manufacturer.

Photosol's unique features:

    Special design of the warhead to enhance the focus of light absorption by sensor
  • Creating a delay of 39 seconds & zwnj;
  • having IP53 means protecting against dust and rainfall
  • Unique switch design to prevent oscillating mode in constant ambient light conditions

Product Specifications

Weight (g)
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Frequency (Hz)
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