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Photocele 16 Amp TWS-16A Ojan Electronic

Ojan Electronic

Has a resistant body
Has IP53
Create a 39 -second delay
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Photocele 16 Amp TWS-16A Ojan Electronic

to save energy, control Electronic Equipment and the & zwnj; This very important and functional & zwnj device has the task of automatic lighting of the lamp & zwnj at sunset and turning it off at sunrise. Due to the unique design of PhotoSel , the light intensity circuit is disconnected and connected and does not change with factors such as input voltage and temperature change. In the photocell body, the resistant material & nbsp; Used against environmental factors, and use.

Photosol's unique features:

    Special design of the warhead to enhance the focus of light absorption by sensor
  • Creating a delay of 39 seconds & zwnj;
  • having IP53 means protecting against dust and rainfall
  • Unique switch design to prevent oscillating mode in constant ambient light conditions

Product Specifications

Weight (g)
Dimensions (mm)
Frequency (Hz)
Supply voltage (VAC)

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