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Astronomical command clock OAR-01 Ojan Electronic

Ojan Electronic

تایمرهای نجومی با وارد کردن زمان و مختصات جغرافیایی زمان طلوع و غروب خورشید را محاسبه نموده و متناسب با آن رله خروجی را فعال می نمایند.
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Astronomical command clock OAR-01 Ojan Electronic

Oar-01 Astronomical Command Clock is one of the most functional designs with a unique design & zwnj; which can & zwnj; To count. In general, the astronomical steering time manages the amount of brightness and the amount of space light. This product except is digital and analog equipment and is used in places for & zwnj; Astronomy Timers calculate the time and geographical coordinates of the sunrise and sunset and activate the output relay accordingly.

Astronomical Command Clock Features:

  • No need to replace battery
  • is compact and small and less space in the electrical panel is & zwnj;
  • Careful convergence with the country's official calculations in less than two minutes
  • Set up a very simple program by selecting the provincial capitals of the country or importing latitude and latitude
  • with high resolution LCD display
  • Manual control mode for network service
  • Automatic setting of summer and winter clock
  • Low power consumption (less than 1W)
  • 120 -day storage capability in case of power outage
  • Place of displacement of time and relay connection to sunrise and sunset from 90-90+ minute

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