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Hublex block SABA


The newest and best-selling building block that is made with a different process than other building blocks is the Hablex White Block. If you are not familiar with the types of building materials, you may not know what Heplex block is. Although Hablex style blocks are the first word in the construction industry and building blocks, but with these explanations, we provide you with useful information about this block by presenting this article. So stay with the construction of the market until the end of this article.
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Hublex block SABA

What is the white Hablex block?

Heplex block is a type of light building block that is composed of a large amount of air in its structure. The reason for its lightness is the presence of air in this block.

First, we mentioned that this block is made from a different process than other traditional blocks!! But what is the meaning of the different process?

You may have heard of autoclaved blocks. Autoclave blocks are produced in a machine called autoclave.

In these autoclaves, to make a block, the block must be placed at a high temperature, and the Hablex block is made under pressure and high temperature, considering that the Hablex block is under high pressure and temperature, it is expected to have high resistance. This high strength is one of the advantages of this building block, which you will learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of Hablex blocks.An increase in humidity from 5% to 35% leads to a decrease in compressive strength up to 10%, which is within the permissible limits of building regulations.


What materials is the white block of Hablex made of?

In the structure of the white block of Hablex, which is made of concrete, except for the air that we mentioned above, it is made of materials such as sand, cement, silica, gypsum, lime and aluminum powder. Each of the mentioned materials is combined with certain percentages in the structure of this block, which is finally baked under the pressure of autoclaves.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Hablex block?

The advantages of this building block are so great that its disadvantages are not visible at all.


Get to know the advantages of the Hablex white block


Hablex block, light block

Light blocks are widely used in construction to reduce the dead load of the building. Walls made of lightweight blocks weigh less, which is a big advantage.

Hablex block, insulation block

Block insulation is an important topic in the construction industry, which is observed and used these days for the benefit of the owner, the builder and the people who live in the building.


Sound insulation and fire protection of Hablex blocks

Sound insulation and fireproof insulation are the most important things that a building block should have. It doesn't matter what the building is used for, residential, commercial, office, etc., it must have a high resistance to noise and fire.


Earthquake-resistant Hablex block

The strength of the structure and the ability to bear the load of the building against earthquakes is an important factor that should be given special attention. With the earthquakes that have occurred in most cities and provinces of Iran and we have witnessed their destruction, it is better to choose materials that have high resistance against earthquakes.

One of these materials is Hebelx light block, which has high resistance to earthquakes.


Low shrinkage factor

Shrinkage coefficient can be considered as another technical component and of course very ideal in relation to Hablex blocks. In fact, most concrete products lose some void space when subjected to pressure. In other words, they are compressed. This compression causes different cracks and seams in your wall. That is why the smaller the size of a concrete product, the lower the shrinkage coefficient, it can be said that that product can be a more ideal choice for you. In this regard, we must say that Hablex blocks have a very low shrinkage coefficient. In such a way that their amount is less than concrete columns and even Lika blocks and bricks. This, in turn, has increased the life of structures made of Heplex blocks.



Light weight can be considered as another unique advantage that differentiates Hablex blocks from their counterparts. In fact, it should be noted that the Hablex block has very little weight compared to other blocks of the same category. This light weight in turn is the beginning of all the components that distinguish this product from others. The reason for the low weight of these products can be considered their porous structure, which in turn has reduced their mass. This light weight has increased their resistance to earthquakes.





Easier installation features

One of the problems that most builders and architects face is explaining the necessary location for facilities such as electrical and plumbing systems. In this way, they must create the necessary space for the passage of the components of these facilities. Unfortunately, most materials such as Lika block, clay and brick create many obstacles in this area. In such a way that it is often not possible to change the proper shape to pass through these facilities. On the other hand, Hablex blocks can be completely cut with a saw. This helps the manufacturers to change the structural shape of these products in the simplest possible way and to install the necessary space for the passage of various pipes and wires in them. This factor, in turn, allows these blocks to become a better choice for large buildings and apartments.


Easy transportation of Hablex blocks

Due to the fact that the size of Hablex light blocks is varied and larger than traditional blocks, its transportation is faster and easier.

Easy portability of building blocks is important to many builders. For this reason, choosing Hablex is one of the right options.


Lower cost of Hablex blocks

To use traditional blocks, plaster, sand and cement must be used to put the blocks together, that is, in addition to buying white blocks, you also need to buy sand, cement and plaster, which are considered as side costs.

If you buy Heplex white blocks or Siporex white blocks, you don't need to buy sand, cement, plaster, etc. because these blocks do not need these materials to stick.

As a result, side costs for the purchase of those materials are eliminated, which is one of the advantages of this block.


What are the disadvantages of Heplex blocks?

In addition to all the advantages that for

We have mentioned this type of light block, we must also mention its disadvantages. This block is used in non-load-bearing walls and cannot be used in load-bearing walls.

The price of Hablex blocks is slightly higher than other blocks.


How to build a wall with Heplex blocks

As mentioned, Heplex blocks are fundamentally different from other blocks. Of course, these differences do not end with the way they are made and their vital features. In fact, these products are also implemented in a different way. It should be noted that most building materials are made using traditional mortars such as cement or plaster. Meanwhile, Heblex blocks are connected to each other using special glue. In other words, cement and similar items cannot be used to connect Heplex blocks. Instead, you should use their special adhesive, which is often provided by the manufacturer.

Due to their special compatibility with the block structure, these adhesives can facilitate the connection between them in the simplest possible way. On the other hand, their use reduces the overall weight of the building and, as a result, increases the resistance of the structure against earthquakes and natural disasters.

Another noteworthy point here is the faster application of adhesives. In fact, the implementation of the wall with the help of these adhesives can double the work speed because it is very easy to use and most people can use it in the simplest possible way. The overall set of these factors together makes the construction of the building with the help of Hablex blocks a much more ideal option for projects with limited time, because while increasing the speed of work, it will also bring high resistance.





Different models of Hablex blocks

The unique features and benefits of Hablex blocks have made these blocks very popular in the last century. It is on this basis that manufacturers and builders have made different types of them. Each of these manufacturers have made changes in their structure depending on their creativity. So that these days there are more than 22 types of Hablex blocks available in the market, each of which has different designs and dimensions. It should be noted that each of these models is used for a specific part of the building. For example, thin Heplex blocks are generally suitable for fencing. Thicker blocks can also be used for internal walls and load-bearing walls. This unique variety has given customers and builders more options for building structures with Heplex blocks. In such a way that they can use the Hebelx special block according to their budget and of course the type of building. This factor has finally increased the demand for the white block of Hablex to a significant extent.


Important tips for buying Hablex blocks

As we mentioned, during the last century, many workshops and different brands have been attracted to the production of Hablex blocks.

This factor, in turn, has created a lot of diversity in the market. Although this variety can be very useful in its own right, it sometimes leads to confusion and confusion for customers. On the other hand, sometimes the price of the Hablex block changes due to various factors that customers are unaware of. This makes them unable to make the right decision when choosing. In the following, we have mentioned the most effective tips on the price of Heblex blocks and the important points of buying Heblex white blocks.


Hublex block dimensions

Heblex block dimensions can be considered one of the important factors that can have a direct impact on the price of these products. In fact, today there is a huge variety of dimensions, each of which has a different shape and structure. Obviously, with the increase in the volume of these products, their prices will eventually increase. Keep in mind that you should choose dimensions that fit the location of your structure. This will prevent you from wasting your money. You can use architecture or building to understand the exact dimensions you need.


Manufacturer brand

The brand of the manufacturer can be considered as another very important component that has a direct impact on the price of the Hablex block. In fact, Hablex blocks are produced by many workshops and companies these days. Each of these brands has its own characteristics that make them suitable for a certain range of customers. For example, some use silica powder or ash instead of lime. In addition, another range of them has more variety of dimensions and structure. These issues have caused their prices to differ from each other. Therefore, it is better to pay special attention in choosing the manufacturer's brand.


Hablex block price

One of the most important things to pay attention to when buying Heblex white block is the final price of the product. As we mentioned, these products are produced by different brands and companies, each of which operates according to its own policies. For example, some of them buy raw materials in larger volumes and offer their products in smaller sizes, which makes them more affordable. In addition, the distance from the shopping center to the factory is another factor that can affect the price of Hebelx white block because it reduces the cost of transportation. The difference in these parts has made these products different.


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