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Cold and thermal insulation Manapolymer


Refrigerating and thermal insulation of Mana Polymer:
It is used to prevent moisture penetration or heat transfer.
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Cold and thermal insulation Manapolymer

Cold and thermal insulation is used to prevent moisture penetration or heat transfer. The old and traditional ones regarding cold insulation are isogam and bituminous insulation, which are not used much today. In this context, Manapolymer company produces water-based acrylics, bitumen-modified acrylics, etc. produces based insulation products. Regarding thermal insulation, there are many insulation options such as glass wool, rock wool, EPDM foam, glass foam, lightweight polyethylene foam and polyurethane foam, which are selected and applied according to the requirements of the project. It is designed by changing the thickness of this insulation according to the ambient temperature and internal temperature.



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The construction market is a network of manufacturers and suppliers of construction products whose main purpose is to create direct and effective communication between suppliers and buyers of these products. This platform is an international multilingual platform that reviews and promotes specialized brands and construction products using technical specifications, videos and images. Buyers in the market creation system can recognize reliable sellers to purchase the necessary products and get the goods at the lowest price. Buyers should consult the market construction system to see prices of different types of insulation and purchase Mana Polymer cooling and thermal insulation.

By registering to the construction market system, placing the construction products and entering the recommended price, manufacturers and suppliers can increase the visits of their products and help buyers make a safe and economical purchase.

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