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Sand lime brick SABA


Sand lime bricks are obtained by applying high pressure vapor to calcareous sandy clay.Sand lime bricks are usually made of solid and perforated dimensions of clay bricks or multiples of it, taking into account the thickness of the mortar. Sand lime bricks are also manufactured in thin, lightweight parts for use in facade construction.
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Sand lime brick SABA

Sand lime brick have smooth surfaces and are available in different colors and sizes are clay bricks and are made of sand and some lime. Characteristics of sand lime bricks depend on the sex of the raw material, how they are molded, the temperature and the length of time they are cooked.

Indications for sand lime brick:

It is no different in conventional brick use and has more compressive strength than that. Mostly used in floor rugs and interior stairs of buildings.

Advantage of sand lime brick:

Due to the pressing and handling by steam at high temperature and pressure high pressure is created in the brick and consequently high bearing capacity is created in the calcareous sand bricks which make use of this brick for masonry walls or retaining walls and The walls below the floor make it ideal. The resistance of sand lime bricks increases with time as the process of carbon dioxide depletion continues to become limestone.


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Technical Specifications

Compressive strength (kg / cm2)
Water absorption (%)
Specific weight of ordinary brick (g / cm3)
Specific weight of light brick (g / cm3)
Heat loss (W / mK)
Audio transmission coefficient (db)

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