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Polyurethane coating for pipes and tanks Manapolymer

Polyurethane coating for pipes and tanks Manapolymer


Polyurethane coating for Mana Polymer pipes and tanks:

Resistant and durable for the protection of pipes and tanks
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Polyurethane coating for pipes and tanks Manapolymer

Polyurethane is formed by the chemical reaction between the compound containing the hydroxyl group (polyol) and the compound containing the isocyanate group. Polyisocyanates and polyols have many variations; They are different in terms of chemical structure, reactivity and number of functional groups. The coatings prepared by aliphatic and cycloaliphatic polyisocyanates have high optical stability and are resistant to atmospheric conditions, which are recommended for harsh environmental conditions. Unlike aliphatics, aromatic polyisocyanates are not suitable for external applications. The drying and curing of polyurethane coatings is influenced by the reactivity of polyisocyanate used; Therefore, the type of polyisocyanate can determine the application of the coating. Polyester polyol, acrylic copolymers containing hydroxyl group and polyether polyol are the most important polyols that exist in branched or linear form. The structure and amount of active groups affect the properties of polyurethane. The higher the hydroxyl groups and the degree of polyol branching, the higher the hardness and chemical and solvent resistance of polyurethane. High mechanical resistance, significant chemical resistance, light stability and atmospheric resistance are the four main advantages of polyurethane, and the last two are prominent in aliphatic polyurethanes. Polyurethane is widely used in many fields due to its diverse characteristics, including: transportation industries (car coating, aviation, train wagons, ships, heavy vehicles), construction, industrial painting (equipment, car tools, furniture), steel hydraulic structures, oil and gas pipes, water and sewage. The top color is aliphatic polyurethane from Manapolymer products in this sector.

The unique properties of polyurethane have made this material a resistant and durable product for the protection of pipes and tanks. This coating is applied to surfaces with high thicknesses.


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