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Alkyd top paint Manapolymer


Mana Polymer alkyd top color:

Long oil alkyd paint is used as construction paint or anti-corrosion paint according to the type of oil.
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Alkyd top paint Manapolymer

The difference between this group of products and other groups is their drying process on the surface. After applying air-dry paint and varnish on the surface, drying takes place with the help of oxygen in the air and during the oxidation process. Normally, bifunctional carboxylic acid and polyfunctional alcohol are used in making alkyd resins. Oil or fatty acids are always added to these compounds to improve the structure. By choosing the right type and amount of oil or fatty acid in the production of alkyd resin, its properties can be widely varied. Based on its oil content, this group of resins is divided into three categories: short oil (less than 40%), medium oil (40%). up to 60%) and high oil (60% to 70%) are divided. Long oil alkyd paint is used as construction paint or anti-corrosion paint according to the type of oil. Medium oil alkyd paint, which is a combination of several oils, is used in industrial coatings, machine coatings, repair coatings of heavy furnaces. Short oil alkyd paints are used in combination with other resins in the manufacture of furnace paint (for use on radiators, bicycles, steel parts) and automotive paint.


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