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A beam is a support beam used in construction. It is the main horizontal support in the structure that supports the smaller beams.
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A beam is a support beam used in construction. It is the main horizontal support in the structure that supports the smaller beams.

Rebar and rebar are considered one of the most well-known construction materials. Steel beams have a very high capacity to bear a large load and that is why they are one of the key elements in building construction. The smaller beams are responsible for transferring the load to these large beams and this causes stability in the structure. In fact, iron beams are considered as supports for smaller beams. They are usually I-shaped and are made of separate steel plates that are connected to each other with bolts and rivets.

Steel beams are used in various industries and structures such as factories, cranes, factories, when making the skeleton of metal structures, etc.


types of beams

Beams are found in three types: IPE, INP and IPB, which are the standards of beam production. The first type is the standard of Europe and Iran, and the second type is the standard of China and Russia. The third arrow is also known as the broad wing arrow.

IPE beam is widely used in Iran and its wing has a constant thickness. In these beams, if you look at the beam from both sides, it will have the same thickness.

In INP beams, as we move away from the beam, the thickness of its wing decreases, as a result of which a slight slope is observed in its wings.

A beam web is a thick steel sheet that connects its two wings to each other.

IPB beams are H-shaped beams and the length of the wings has increased compared to IPE beams.


The difference between beam and beam

You may use the words "arrow" and "arrow" interchangeably, but there are important differences that distinguish the two from each other. Understanding that a beam is different from a beam is a necessary skill for any builder, engineer or construction worker. Here we take a look at the basic differences between the two.


The main difference between beams and joists is their size. In general, construction industry workers call large beams as rebars. If the beam in the structure is the main support for other beams, then it is a beam and not a joist. For example, the structural support of a bridge is typically a beam, while the supports for a residential house are joists.


There is no major difference between the way a beam and a joist work. Both have the same purpose, which is to resist bending forces. A beam is simply a type of support beam. The only obvious difference in this field is that the beam is usually used for larger or heavier structures, while the beam is used for smaller structures.

load bearing capacity

Beams bear dynamic loads and rolling loads. This is the reason why they are used to build bridges. Because the load on the bridges is not constant. Whether a bridge is for the passage of people or for the passage of cars, it bears different loads at different times. Therefore, it should be ensured that the materials used in it can respond to the loads imposed on the structure to an acceptable extent.

Dynamic loads are loads that introduce different amounts of force to the structure. Dynamic loads are the opposite of static loads that apply the same amount of force at any time, and beams make this possible.



An iron beam is the main beam. Its main task is to transfer loads to columns. which is placed on them. Joists are a second beam. Their main task is to transfer their loads to the beams. Then they transfer the load to the columns. Beams by facing the stresses. They bend in shear, while girders are stronger to support small beams. So it can be said that if the beam is supposed to transfer the load to a larger beam. So it is a beam. But if you are going to load the load directly to the columns. on which it is located, it is a beam.

how to make

In the design phase of a beam, builders must meet requirements such as installation of beams, stability, order of deck placement. Consider plate size, flange size and welded joints. Building a beam also requires similar considerations, but not in the same capacity.


Application of iron beam

There are different types of beams and in addition to construction, various industries use them.

In construction and architecture, as mentioned, beams are used to create a stable and strong skeleton. In the structure of many big bridges in the world. The use of iron beams is evident. Beams in various buildings as columns, in roof covering. Gate shoe. Trusses and others are used. They are also used in the construction of garages and platforms. To be sure that the structure can withstand the heavy weight of the load on it. Architecture companies also generally use steel beams to design arches and domes with a new and creative structure, because in addition to their strength, they also have good plasticity.


Manufacturing industries use steel beams to erect their cranes. It is obvious that cranes bear a lot of load to carry goods and move them. So it is very important to be able to ensure the security of their base location. For this reason, beams are used in this field.


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